Two Technology Features Making Quite a Stir in the Ford Mustang

Although the Ford Mustang has been in production for many decades, the team at Tri-Star Ford Somerset get excited each year the new version hits the lot. Here are a few technology features in this popular sports car that are really turning heads this year.

Once the Ford Mustang is out on the road, the Pre-Collision Assist system begins working to maintain a safe driving distance. If anything is in your path while driving, you'll first get a visual and sound warning to brake, following by the system pre-charging the entire brake system to bring the car to a stop in time.

Another feature in the Mustang keeping drivers safe is the Lane-Keeping System. Sensors scan the road surface and monitor the position of the car in the lane lines. If the Ford Mustang drifts, the driver will feel vibrations in the steering wheel in increasing frequencies until the car is brought back into the lane lines.

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