Come to Tri-Star Ford Somerset to Get a Closer Look at the Design of the Ford Taurus

You are interested in checking out a vehicle's design features before you pay attention to anything else related to that vehicle. When you come to our Somerset, PA showroom, you can get a closer look at the design of the popular full-size sedan from Ford that is the Taurus.

The LED lighting on the Ford Taurus is something that is a signature feature of this vehicle. The lighting helps the vehicle stand out among other similar sedans and it helps you feel proud to call the vehicle your own.

The exhaust system on your vehicle helps the vehicle as it runs but it can also add to the overall appearance of the vehicle. The Ford Taurus features dual exhaust tips that help to give the rear of this car a bit of a sporty appearance. You will appreciate the way that the exhaust system gives this vehicle its own unique style.

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