The Inner Workings of Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

A safety feature that many of us take for granted, auto-dimming rearview mirrors use a very interesting process to reduce the glare we all experience from vehicles behind us at night. At Tri-Star Ford Somerset, we think it is important to inform drivers of how features like this actually accomplish their task.

We've all experienced the blinding light of the car behind us when looking into the rearview mirror at night. How do these auto-dimming mirrors solve this issue? The mirrors are built with two sensors within it that are used to detect the light hitting it. When this light is too bright, it sends a signal to a microprocessor unit that in turn begins providing a charge. This charge is sent to a transparent gel that is located between the two panes of glass that make up the mirror itself when this gel is hit with a charge it begins to get darker. This, in turn, causes the mirror to reflect less light back at us as drivers, reducing the glare we experience.

We would be happy to give you a hands-on demonstration of this feature at work if you stop by Tri-Star Ford Somerset. Our staff is ready to go over this feature and all of the other safety features on any of our vehicles, so feel free to come in at any time and we'll get you a test drive of the vehicle of your choice.

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