The Well-Designed Ford Focus

The Focus is a popular compact car made by Ford. This sporty sedan has a lot of appeal. There's even a whole community that has grown up around the Focus. A car this endlessly customizable attracts drivers who love design and take full advantage of all the available options.

The Focus is available in a number of rich colors. Bright, attention-getting yellows and blues are among customer favorites. All versions of the Focus are designed to be aerodynamic. They have a low-to-the-ground, athletic profile. The honeycombed grille has a sporty look. Rear spoilers help eliminate drag. Luxuries like moonroofs and leather-trimmed seats are available.

To really get to know the stylish Ford Focus, you'll need to see one in person. Drop by Tri-Star Ford Somerset the next time you're in Somerset, PA. Our friendly team will show you the RS, ST and more. We'd love to take you for a test drive of this sporty little car.

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