Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

Daily commutes are already a hassle, so no need to drive them in a car you don’t like. The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a car you could love, making those daily commutes more enjoyable. This gas-electric car uses natural energy, battery power, and a little bit of fuel to get you from A to B in an eco-friendly way. The eco-smart gauge lets you know how much charge you have, where your fuel ends, and how much energy you save.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is top-ranked in exterior safety features, such as a keyless entry keypad and automatic high beams. The former allows you to use a security code to unlock your car door, while the latter helps to navigate poor road conditions or bad weather.

Our friendly professionals at Tri-Star Ford Somerset in Somerset, PA are super-knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the Ford Fusion Hybrid. So, give us a call if you need more info. Or, better yet, come down for a chat and a test drive.

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