The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Promotes Traction

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect is a wagon style vehicle with plenty of cargo space for passengers and their equipment. This comfortably large vehicle employs several proprietary technologies to enhance vehicle and passenger safety. These technologies include high-intensity headlamps as well as traction enhancing technologies.

Fords 2019 Transit Connect Wagon includes the Advance Track system in its design portfolio. During slick or otherwise inclement weather conditions, the Advance Track system employs special gyroscopic sensors to predict possible vehicle rolls or slips. This system can activate in mere milliseconds and fire the brakes in the proper sequence to maximize traction and stability.

The 2019 Transit Connect wagon also works hard to improve driver vision. It includes high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights that can turn themselves on during dusk or dim situations. They also activate automatically during inclement weather conditions such as snow or rain storms.

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