Ford Focus RS: A legend in the Making

The 2018 Ford Focus RS is a legend in the making among sport compact cars. The Ford Focus is an internationally recognized platform with a huge following in both Europe and the Americas. It is a staple of the World Rally Car Championship, where it has earned a reputation as a strong competitor.

It is known for its reliability and real-world versatility and also for its strong performance potential and aggressive styling that serves as a canvas for great custom designs. The RS package represents Ford's best shot at optimizing all of these elements and bringing some of the WRC performance to the street. The RS Focus features enhanced front fascia, including exclusive grille with "RS" badge and front lip spoiler.

Other performance-enhancing design features include a rear spoiler, which is much more substantial than similar features on the ST and sport models, and a unique, center mounted, hexagonal dual-exhaust. While production has ceased, the experts as Tri-Star Ford Somerset can still help you select your Ford Focus RS from remaining inventory.

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