Intelligent automotive technology can adjust to the conditions in an environment in an instant. It can also activate key systems to enhance traction, speed, and torque. The Ford Escape is worth buying because it has an advanced 4WD system that's built with this type of intelligent hardware.

In order to effectively monitor traction, a system needs a fast reaction time. Ford's Intelligent 4WD is very quick; on rough roads, it monitors conditions within short milliseconds. Then, it distributes power to specific wheels that require more torque. The changes that this system makes are strategic, and they give the Escape better handling and tire traction.

The Ford Escape also has AdvanceTrac technology that manages roll stability; you can learn more about it at Tri-Star Ford Somerset. Our salesmen break down Ford features and provide test drives in the latest automobiles. If you want to operate an Escape, we can set up a session by our dealership. Our professional staff serves consumers in various communities in Somerset, PA.

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