The Ford Mustang is Where High-Tech Meets Muscle

Just when you thought that the Ford Mustang couldn't get any better, the design team at Ford has come up with an incredible technology innovation that takes this popular performance car to a new level. The Ford Mustang now features performance exhaust audio engineering that has to be experienced to be believed. Here at Tri-Star Ford Somerset in Somerset, PA, we can't wait for you to see this feature for yourself. Stop by to take a test drive.

Engineers at Ford have taken advantage of a primitive reaction called an autonomic response in order to create the ultimate driving experience. This is the same response that gives you an emotional response to certain sounds. If a revving engine gives you the chills, then the Ford Mustang is for you.

Now, with just the push of a button, you can change the sound of your car according to your mood. Normal, quiet, aggressive sport and track are the available sounds.

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